Cordiners / 2011

This project seeks to explore and understand the cultural and social facets of leather, to find the point of intersection and build from this convergence a family of speculative leather ‘wearable’ products for the 21st Century. We were asked to look at emerging social trends, cultural phenomena, technological advances and imagine products that will need to exist to support them.

I chose to explore the world of haptic materials, materials that take advantage of a user’s sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, and or motions upon the user. I explored leather as a material imbued with haptic technology and the future social contexts within which haptic leather might exsist.

Choosing to focus upon human emotion, particularly relationships and how emotions might be conveyed through touch. I created ornate leather hand garments that would be worn by both couples. The garment would express the emotion of ones partner through haptics. The garment would tighten and constrict when a partner is anxious or upset and loosen and massage when ones partner is happy or excited.