Eglinton / 2013


This project was created in association with the Glasgow Institute of Architects our design challenge was to intervene in a site beneath the M74 motorway considered as a ‘‘Negative Space’’ due to its disuse and the segregation it causes between a once connected community. Our task was to capture the opinions, needs and dreams of the local community that surround the ‘‘Negative Space’’ and convert the ensuing insights into design opportunities.

Out of my project evolved Eglinton. Eglinton is a collection of 32 units that offers 'blank canvas' spaces to facilitate the expression of cultural activities. These spaces can be utilised by individuals or institutions to showcase the cultural activities found on Glasgow's south side. On the run up to and during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Eglinton will provide a cultural hub for visitors to experience what the south side has to offer in terms of its multitude and diversity of culture. Thereafter the space is to have a more integral part in the identity of the local community, by providing a space in which local people can begin to take ownership of the site and repair the segregation of communities caused by the M74.