ReConnect / 2013

Shift work for people who are married or are in partnerships can be incredibly strenuous, when one partner or even both partners work shifts, they often live parallel but separated lives within the same domestic space. When one partner is at home the other is at work and visa versa. This disconnectedness can cause the partner who is at home, alone, to feel lonely and be left longing for their partners presence. This longing creates a desire for the presence of their other half. This need for presence is particularly felt when emotional rituals like saying good night are missed.  Even when partners are able to spend brief moments together between working hours these moments of interaction are often not of quality because of the detrimental effects shift work has upon mood and social behaviour, making people tired and irritable. Meaning information that needs to be discussed or arranged, like plans to see family, is often not talked about in an attempt to avoid conflict.

For these reasons I have created Reconnect. Reconnect are a selection of small recording units that allow you to connect and communicate with your partner in the home when you are not there. Allowing you to leave personal and intimate messages in the sound of your own voice, for your partner, they can communicate, playfulness through jokes and storytelling, passion through expressions of love or apologies for not doing the dishes.

These messages can substitute to some extent the partners longing for their other halfs presence. Providing a fun and playful way to maintain connection and communication when not physically together. Reconnect can also be used to provide practical information like the plans for that family trip that hasn’t been discussed yet. Just simply record your plans and leave the message for your partner to listen to in their own time when they are ready. Better yet though, use Reconnect to surprise your partner by leaving fun or meaningful messages in unusual places for them to discover and enjoy.